Top Innovative Companies Form Melbourne, Australia

Innovations and ideas are vital for the survival of any business, no matter what industry it is in. Innovations are not always about large important innovations that will take the world by storm. Innovations can be as simple as coming up with a new way of doing business, marketing, and more.

However, there are many inspiring companies from Melbourne that are seen as some of the most innovative in the world. These companies have inspired many younger business-minded individuals who are just getting into the world of business.

These are some of the most innovative new companies for 2022 from Melbourne, Australia.

Planet Innovation

Planet innovation is a health tech innovation company with an array of businesses. They focus on game-changing innovations to grow. They are known to have innovated the Sofia2, which is a way of testing flu with a fluorescence detector. This innovation has cut testing costs down dramatically and works as a battery-operated device, making it quite a popular medical device in third-world countries.

CHE Proximity

Che Proximity solves business problems by firstly looking at the value of the company’s customer base. They combine data, technology, customer experience, and disruptive content. They help to engineer communication that changes customer behaviour. They are also known for their innovative video, which tests an audience’s hearing. The video won The Peoples Voice Award at The Webbys.


Curo is a Melbourne-based company with a focus on the relationship between families and their elderly members. Curo is an innovation in taking care of elderly family members with an application that monitors whether the family member can still b independent. This is a non-intrusive way of making sure that family members are taking care of themselves.


Versent is a company that helps businesses to operate on the cloud. With the way in which technology is growing and changing the business world, they help companies to transform their operations to the cloud. Through their services, they are fostering an environment of innovation for their clients. They have grown extremely fast and now have a staff list of over 130.

These companies have not only innovated their products and their operations but help other companies and consumers to innovate by using the essentials in business development as a key to success while being innovative.

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