Judy Anderson

Judy’s career has had a laser focus – to help people and organisations make innovation repeatable, scalable and profitable. Her business degree focussed on entrepreneurship, during which she studied International Business at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in France and represented RMIT at the Annual Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organisation Conference in Chicago, USA.

Having spent the last four and a half years at Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, Inventium, Judy has built a reputation as a world-class thought leader and keynote speaker on all things innovation. Before joining Inventium, she managed the National Innovation Program for Deloitte Australia, helping people to tackle client challenges, generate creative solutions and ultimately capture the value being created in the market.

Judy is now the CEO of Startup Victoria, a not-for-profit, membership based organiser of the biggest startup events in Australia. Startup Vic’s community numbers more than 15,000+ practicing and aspiring startup founders. Judy’s focus is on helping Victoria become a world class startup ecosystem. As an entrepreneur at heart, Judy is also working on 2 startups of her own. If you buy her a whisky – she’ll tell you all about them!