ICT Capability Uplift Executive Forum – Cyber Security

As Victoria moves towards a digital government, it is vital that we understand the importance of equipping our workforce with the right skills to get the job done.

Information technology is a foundation enabler of modern government and must be more fully accepted as a core skillset of public servants who make decisions affecting IT environments, not just a skillset for technical staff.

The ICT Capability Uplift Program is a 3-year initiative to help government improve the way it uses, implements and procures ICT systems and services to get the most value from them. The program focuses on the top 37 ICT capability priorities, as identified by CIOs. The program will uplift WOVG ability to identify and capitalise on contemporary ICT to enhance both the business of government and the delivery of efficient, timely and cost effective services to citizens.

As part of the ICT Capability Uplift Project Uplift Project, a WOVG Cyber Awareness Campaign is now being delivered, this also includes the establishment of the WOVG Cyber Incident Response Service (CIRS). Join us to find out how CIRS can help your business unit as well as learn current trends in the cyber security industry and best practice approaches to responding to cyber incidents.