Festival of Failure

What does it mean to fail?  That you are a loser?  That you should give up and go home? Not at all!  Failure means you have tried something new, probably bold, possibly exciting.  Failure means you pushed yourself – to try something new, to be better than you currently are, to create and shape the future.

What about successful people?  Do they ever fail?  You betcha!  And they will tell you that failure is full of valuable lessons that, if we listen, learn and apply, give us the experience, the knowledge and the platform to succeed. It is in failing that we learn how to improve.  Success and failure go hand-in-hand.  We hear about the successes, but who ever tells us about their epic failures?

Join us as we hear from some of Bendigo’s most successful business people share their war stories, their monumental mess ups and their epic failures – and how these contributed to them being the person they are today.

We are grateful to Goldfields Local Learning and Employment Network for once again being the major sponsor of this valuable event.

In the meantime, meet Khayshie.  Khayshie is our current City of Greater Bendigo Youth Mayor, Multicultural Youth Commissioner, LIV Law Student of the Year 2019, a Top 100 Future Leader of Australia and Bendigo Young Citizen of the Year.  What would she know about failure, right…….?